Service for Manufacturers of Devices with Configuration Requirements

Your customers request test equipment and product samples? We take care of processing and logistics.

Your Customers Expect Test Devices – Preferably for Free

Customers are demanding. They often have their own innovative ideas. Before they purchase your devices, they want to know whether your solution delivers what it promises.

As a manufacturer of complex, price-intensive devices with configuration requirements, you understand their wishes very well. Nevertheless, it presents you with a challenge:

  • Who organizes the demopool?
  • Who takes care of the configuration?
  • Who takes care of packaging, shipping and delivery?
  • And who takes the devices back to clean, refurbish and recycle them?

This means a lot of ungrateful work for you, because your customer expect on top that you perform this services free of charge within the scope of a possible order.

A Lot of Service Without Renumeration? – We Have a Different Idea

What do you think about this alternative:

  • Your sales partner takes up the requirements of your customer and orders the desired devices via configurator.
  • Thus, he transmits the data to us. Based on this information, we conclude a contract with your customer.
  • As soon as we have the okay, the implementation begins: We configure the devices, prepare them for shipment and send them to the agreed destinations.
  • After the test phase, we take the devices back. We clean and repair them.
  • From then on, the devices are available for the next use.

Sounds Simple? That’s What It’s Really All About:

  • Pool planning and procurement of goods as well as warehousing. We manage demand forecasting, scheduling and controlling so that you only have as many devices in your demopool as necessary. In this way, you achieve the optimum between delivery capacity and capital commitment costs.
  • Overview of stocks, budgets, deadlines and locations. With the help of our web-based order portal, your employees can always keep track of the use of the devices. It also supports approval processes and provides comprehensive statistics and reporting functions.
  • Safe and fast dispatch. We deliver to more than 35 countries and, if required, take care of customs clearance for deliveries to non-EU countries. Together with our partners, we have developed outer packaging that ensures that your demo device arrives intact at your customers.
  • Customer service around logistics. Our service employees are at your disposal for all questions concerning logistics and processing in various languages.
  • Sales after the test period. After the test period, we take your devices back and use them again as demo devices – or we market them in consultation with you to end customers, dealers, wholesalers and project customers.

Why Should You Run a Demopool on Your Own? Make It Easier for Yourself.

With the help of our demopool, you can concentrate completely on your core business again and use your devices several times in different, individual scenarios.

Interested? Your contact person is Silke Erickson. You can reach her by e-mail at