We respect man and machine

For us, this sentence unites many values and demands on ourselves: We are constantly learning, quality enthusiasts, think environmentally consciously and value each of our employees and customers.

Efficiency, basic rules, speed, flexibility, communication and an eye for the big picture are the ingredients of our success!

We are curious. We want to go further.

The key to our high quality is our continuous development. We work on a continuous improvement of our processes and constantly reinvent ourselves. In doing so, we leave ourselves room for individual customer wishes.

We like dynamics and take on challenges. Therefore,

  • the teams support each other. Internal communication has a high priority in our company, procedures are transparent and comprehensible.
  • we are proud of the know-how we have acquired over many years and are continuing to develop. We know what we are doing!
  • we have room for creativity. We play an active role and shape the company.
  • we can contribute our skills throughout the company, these are developed further through individual support.
  • we create clarity regarding responsibilities, structures and orientation by regularly exchanging information. Every opinion counts!

We deliver quality. Absolutely.

Our products are our work and we love what we do. A day was good when we were able to supply our customers quickly and efficiently with top quality.

We want satisfied customers. Therefore,

  • we focus on quality without ifs and buts. We regularly check our processes and improve them. We orient ourselves to current standards, automate processes and minimize sources of error.
  • we keep at it, even if something doesn’t work out the way it should. With creativity and competence we always find a solution.
  • we develop our own products and services when other offers on the market do not meet our taste.

We work and live environmentally consciously.

The environment is our future – we are aware of our responsibility. At the same time we feel rooted in our location and want to support our region.

We make our contribution. Therefore,

  • we have developed a sustainable business model by giving IT equipment a second life.
  • we pay attention to service providers and offers from the region. Short transport routes protect the climate.
  • careful use of all resources is our highest priority.

We take a close look at our management style.

Our management focuses on people, products and tasks, not on itself. It provides orientation, goals and visions that strengthen our satisfaction and our sense of we. We all pull together!

We trust in our leadership and in the abilities of our colleagues. Therefore,

  • we treat each other with respect and trust at eye level – our word counts!
  • our superiors have an open ear. They give praise and recognition and support us with constructive criticism. This enables us to develop personally and as a community.
  • our management is constantly working on good social benefits. This strengthens our connection to our company. We have the feeling that we are in the right place.
  • we feel well looked after, which gives us security in our jobs.
  • we are all personalities and our company has personality.

We think collectively.

We owe our business success primarily to our employees. We know that. That is why we take their family, personal and professional situation into consideration.

We are individuals and at the same time a large team. Fun and respectful cooperation are important to us. Therefore,

  • diversity is important to us. The world is colourful!
  • a trusting and appreciative approach is a matter close to our hearts.
  • we tackle many topics in cross-departmental project groups. This promotes communication and cohesion.

This mission statement was developed independently by a team of employees (with a little methodical support from an experienced external consultant) in several months.

As a basis for this, all employees of the company were interviewed and had the opportunity to participate in several rounds of talks and discussions.

The management is proud of this independently working team and the results achieved. It reflects the loyalty of the employees to the company, the team understanding across all departmental boundaries and a customer- and quality-oriented attitude to daily work.

All managers stand by this mission statement and will do what is necessary and possible to promote and support these goals and values to the best of their abilities.