Equipment for Special IT-Projects

We are at your side with all the extras, exceptions and special cases in IT, such as:

  • Computer equipment for a trade fair
  • Tablets for a survey
  • Test devices for new software
  • Working devices for projects
  • and, and, …

Which project do you have in mind?

Special Projects Effective and Efficient

You know from experience: Extra orders entail a lot of effort. Your employees take their time – which they don’t actually have. They work their way into it themselves. The infrastructure is missing. The days pass with testing, troubleshooting and coordination of the individual parts. The tension increases. And what happens to the devices after their usage?

Our customers are glad that they can hand over their orders to us. As specialists for exceptional cases and extras, we are positioned differently from regular IT departments. We have other possibilities and can fulfil your order in an economically sensible way.

Order, Return, Reuse – an Overview of Our Services

  • Select hardware according to your requirements and equip it with software, configure it (country-specific), test it and ship it to its destination.
  • Support your customers with services.
  • Take back the devices after use, clean it, delete data, refurbish it and make it available for a second use, such as sale.

Your Budget Is Limited to What You Really Need

You receive your IT equipment temporarily and tailored to your actual needs. You don’t need to buy hardware or software.

We guarantee a functioning, legally compliant configuration and advise you in all your projects.

You Take Care of the Rule, We Take Care of the Exception

If you need IT equipment and everything is different from normal, we would be pleased to hear from you. Write an e-mail to Birgit Voll under