Our environmental commitment: CO2 neutrality by 2040

At MKCL, we are actively committed to protecting the environment and have an ambitious goal to be CO2 neutral by 2040. Therefore, we invest in sustainable technologies and processes to minimize our environmental footprint.

Sustainable IT solutions & waste reduction: remarketing and repair

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond reducing waste. We ensure IT equipment is reused and repaired to reduce e-waste. In other words, we take care of the entire process, from taking back the equipment to recycling it in an environmentally friendly way. Our experts take care of giving devices a second life, which both protects the environment and saves costs.

Strong local partnerships

We work closely with regional partners to support local economies and minimize the environmental impact of long transport routes. Together, we are committed to sustainable growth.

Energy-efficient IT solutions

We rely on energy-efficient technologies and ways of working to reduce our power consumption. In doing so, we contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.

Raising environmental awareness

Part of our mission is to raise environmental awareness.

We have been offering innovative IT services for over 20 years. Our refurbishment and resale service ensures that high-performance equipment is returned to the market in an economically viable, environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. These services enable companies to act in an ecologically responsible manner.